10 things I learned in 2015

But, this is just occuring to me now, so it's not on the list. So, here we go.

This is by no means rules to live by, or me preaching... It's just some thoughts. Do with them what you will.

1. Set up a Schedule

I set mine up in my phone, with alerts and everything. I schedule my entire week. I also include down time/me time in the schedule. So, even when I am relaxing I still feel like I'm accomplishing something. Which in all honesty, I am. The trick is to follow the schedule.

2. Do Something

I will sometimes get paralyzed by... well, let's say fear, but also life... and the best answer for me is to do something. Go for a walk. Write something. Create something. Call someone. Notice, it doesn't say "Do Something Good" Take care of the quality after the momentum.

3.The thing that I think is sharing too much or bothering someone, might actually be helpful.

Like this list. Hahaha. Or my struggles with addiction, fear, insecurities. It is important for me to honestly share. But, not for the pity of it. Not for the attention. Sharing doesn't mean dumping. It's to start a dialogue.

4. It's ok to be uncomfortable.

When I am uncomfortable, I am learning. Learning is hard. But, Learning is the answer that I always come up with on those mornings when my first thought is "Oh, what's the point..." There is actually nothing wrong with being uncomfortable.

5. Don't eat Indian food more than once a week.

I... oh, the horrors... the horrors. I like Indian food. It does not like me. Especially in large quantities. This may not be that helpful to you, however if you are ever in my physical presence... well, you'll be glad that I follow this one.

6. If I can't have faith in myself, believe in others who have faith in me.

Lot's of people have faith in us. Trust them. They're nice people. That's why we keep them in our lives. And if they don't have faith in us... Well, find the ones that do, or become worthy of faith.

7. Be Useful

This is the other answer that I come up with on those "What's the point?" kinda days. There are many ways that I can be useful. Sometimes, it's just being me.

8, Don't be afraid to love.

I'm not talking about relationships. I'm talking about life. It's scary and disappointing and can be hurtful. So, I want to punish it, by withholding my love. But, that's not how love works. Love grows the more we give it, which leads me to...

9. There is no such thing as unrequieted love.

Love is meant to be given. That's it. Not, I love you if... you love me back, you follow my rules, you dress less like my mother... I will give love. That's it. No return needed.

10. Persevere with Joy.

It can be a struggle. But we keep getting up. We keep putting one foot in front of the other. We keep coming up with answers to that morning question of, "Oh, what's the point?" Maybe that's the point. To find a new reason every day... and then to celebrate it.

Happiest of days in the New Year to all of you.

Thank you and I love you all.


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