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Resume and Photos



King Lee poster

King Lee poster





It's me!

It's me!

Down by the Water

Down by the Water



Super Me

Super Me

Meanwhile Poster

Meanwhile Poster

Down by the Water poster

Down by the Water poster





King Lee

King Lee


Film & TV

Law & Order SVU                  SUPPORTING             NBC

King Lee                                  LEAD                           Cinema National

Iris                                           SUPPORTING             Watchworks Studios

Half Dead                                LEAD                           Mad Angel Films

Kottentail                                LEAD                           Crazy Ralph Films

Planewalker                           SUPPORTING             Torchman Films

27 Matches                             SUPPORTING             Yellowhouse Productions

Down by the Water               LEAD                            Non Sequitur Presents

Ghost Source Zero                FEATURED                  Nerd Rage Productions

Necropath                              SUPPORTING             Cayo Industrial Productions

Singularity                              SUPPORTING             Neuls Bros.

G.I. Joe: Red Retrieval           FEATURED                  Mark Cheng Prod.

Holler Creek Canyon             SUPPORTING             Capital Film Studios

The Shrieking                          LEAD                           Funhouse Pictures

Hunting Season                      LEAD                           Crazy Ralph Films

Deployment Strategy            SUPPORTING             Creation Matrix

Pinkeye                                    FEATURED                  Savage Roses Prod.

Places                                       FEATURED                  dir. Izaac Yeshurun

Klownz                                      LEAD                           Crazy Ralph Films

A Pound of Flesh                     LEAD                           Undead Media

Clarity                                        LEAD                           trip Prod.

The Vampire                            SUPPORTING             Torchman Films

Potchki Chronicles                   LEAD                           Mountain Outlook



Hamlet                                      Claudius                        Redhouse

Twelfth Night                           Orsino                            Redhouse

Two Gentlemen of Verona     Valentine                      Syr. Shakespeare Fest

Antony and Cleopatra             Antony                          Syr. Shakespeare Fest

The Taming of the Shrew        Petruchio                     Festival Players

Measure for Measure              Froth/Abhorson          Big Rodent Prod.

Waiting for Godot                     Vladimir                        SUNY Oswego

Importance of Being Earnest  Algernon                       Vortex Prod.

Flowers for Algernon               Charlie                          Vortex Prod.

Glengarry Glen Ross                Richard Roma              CNY Playhouse

4play                                           Nate                              trip. Prod.

Finding Grafenberg                  Tate                               Blue Heron/trip.

Buried Child                               Dodge                           Vortex Prod.

Standing on my Knees             Robert                           Pentacle Theater

Tripping                                      Bob                                 trip. Prod.

M. Butterfly                                Toulon                           Spectacle Prod.

A Few Good Men                       Jack Ross                       NATC

The Guys                                    Nick Flannagan             CNY Playhouse



Juggling, Flute, Creature/Suit work (Bigfoot twice), Extensive work with prosthetics and make up effects, Staged Combat, Valid Passport and Driver's License, World’s Worst Robert Deniro impression



Eric Loeb Studios-  Eric Loeb, Julie Lynch

Empire State Institute for the Performing Arts

SUNY Oswego BA in Theater- Acting/Directing

He's got the chops

                -Max Brooks,World War Z   

Steals the show

            -Showbiz Weekly

Commands attention

                 -Len Fonte,

                   Syracuse Post Standard



Height: 6’2”

Weight: 195

Hair: Brown                                                                 Eye: Brown


shirt: L

pant: 36/36

Shoe: 12w

neck: 15.75 

chest: 45

waist: 41

hips: 44 1/2

sleeve: 34 

shoulder/back: 18 

inseam:  32

head/hat: 24


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