And now... the writing portion of our program. I wrote this stuff.

Site 13- Feature Film
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My first feature film, written and directed by me. Currently in post production. 

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Head Writer 
Meanwhile... : Web Series
Non Sequitur Presents... : Web Series
Killgrave: a Marvel Fan Film
The Citizen: The Web Series

In our darkest hour, we turn to many things to help us, to save us, to deliver us.  But, in the end our stories are changed, not by the world outside of us, but by the choices we make.

Choose to be better.

The Citizen is a web-series I created, that looks at the hero from a different angle.  Every story is told from the point of view of the people of the city and the affect that a hero has.  Each story is it's own, independent of the others, but like life, it is inextricably connected to everyone else.  Watch one episode to see one story.  Watch them all to see the whole story.

And for more prose, including short stories from The Fairport Incident, click below.

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