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Here's Who I Am.
Here's What's Going On Now.

I am a director, writer and film maker that brings classic training and sensibilities to any forms of modern media. I love exploring the myths that we create with our story telling and bring a nerd level of enthusiasm to everything that I do.

If I'm working on it, I'm excited and dedicated and ready to go!

I've done stage, film and episodic web television and I love it all.

Seriously, Shakespeare to Killer Easter Bunnies. You'll see them both on my Resume.


Plus, I've played Bigfoot twice. (got the second gig because I had "previous Bigfoot experience")

This is for Reels:



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Site 13- My first feature film as writer/director is premiering at the NYC Horror Film Festival!
Click on the poster to see more!

"He's so engaging, how do you not fall for him"

-Film Threat